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Hidden Springs Youth Ranch
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What does it mean to "unbridle hope"?

Here at Hidden Springs Youth Ranch, our goal is to mentor children, rescue and re-purpose horses, restore hope, and grow faith. To do this, we "unbridle," or release, hope by giving children a chance to bond with a horse and a mentor who shares a story like theirs. By sharing our own stories, as well as those of our herd, children in our community have a chance to see how hope can change their life and grow their faith.

Unbridled Hope

Volunteers like you make changing lives possible! 


Your donations directly impact the lives of children & horses in San Antonio. We need your help to turn those frowns upside-down, TODAY!


Read stories about hope, breakthrough, and lives being changed!

Want to know more about what we do or to schedule a session? Send us an email!


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