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Professional Service Volunteers

Our Leaders

Tracie Martin
Community Coordinator

Following almost three decades as a member of the Southwest Airlines work force, a company known for its big heart and community service, Tracie continues to exercise her well-developed volunteer spirit after retirement.  Her love of horses, that began in childhood, coupled with a Christian-based desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others, was an easy match to the ministry of Hidden Springs Youth Ranch.  She and her husband, Keith, provide both manpower and financial support to numerous Texas-based nonprofit organizations.

Francesca "Frankie" Filippone
Volunteer Coordinator

Francesca was born in San Antonio, Texas but spent most of her youth moving around Texas and even out of state due to her father’s job.  Each new location her parents, two sisters, and Francesca moved to was a new, exciting experience for them all. Getting acclimated to many different schools, churches, and people was very intimidating and mind boggling to a child. As she went through these experiences, she developed a sense of concern for other individuals who might feel like a black sheep in the herd or have lost their sense of belonging as she did. That sense of empathy the Lord put in her heart as a young girl has developed over the years into the need to seek out others in any circumstances where hope, faith, and love are in need of restoration. 

Angie Roper
Sessions Coordinator

Angie grew up on a horse farm in Maryland. Her family raised Standard Bred race horses and she also participated in the state sport of Jousting! Weekends were spent traveling across the East Coast to different tournaments and competitions. After losing her mother to cancer as a teen, Angie’s family moved to South Carolina.  The transition to a new school, new state, and the loss of her mother was difficult, but she found comfort in her faith and time spent with horses. Being on the team at Hidden Springs Youth Ranch has been an exciting and rewarding experience for her.

Professional Service Volunteers

Barak Tamayo
Graphic Designer

Barak is an Art Director and Graphic Designer at Tamayo Design, based in San Antonio. He created our beautiful  Hidden Springs Youth Ranch logo and continues to help us with all creative elements and signage.

Ted brings his brilliant, creative talents to Hidden Springs with some really great videos. Ted is a gifted production manager and is currently the Field Producer for SA Live on KSAT-TV.  

Dr. Jones provides veterinary services for our herd. He supports the mission of HSYR by maintaining and overseeing the health and well-being of our equine counselors. We are grateful for his abilities and his compassion.

Rudy is an experienced horseman and driving professional. He provided the training to make "Scout" the best cart pony around. He is currently a handler for a prestigious team of draft horses.

Ted Obringer
Video Designer

Seth Jones, DVM


Rudy Helmuth

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