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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit the ranch?

We enjoy having visitors.  We look forward to sharing time with each visitor by showing them around, introducing them to some of the horses, and doing our best to answer individual questions. To preserve our one-on-one sessions with the kids and to ensure that a volunteer leader will be available for you, we ask that all visitors e-mail us to schedule a tour before coming to the ranch.




In addition to private tours, we host "open barn" and "funday" events.  If you have signed up to receive our newsletter, you will receive a notice when such special events and opportunities exist. 


Learn more about our Session Program.

Can my group visit or volunteer?


For those who desire to serve the ranch as a group, we have our Group Volunteer Application. Group volunteers can help with many projects around the barn, from assisting during a session to a barn clean-up day! When filling the Group Volunteer Application, be sure to include group dynamics (number of people, approximate age group, leader-to-kid ratio if it is youth, etc.) and any specific skills or talents your group wishes to utilize or share. Those skills can range from basic ranch chores to scooping manure to playing with kids. Whatever the nature of your group, we hope to find a good fit for you that will also meet a need at the ranch!
Group Volunteer Application Process
  • Both a group application and an interview with the group leader are required.
  • Each participant must complete a current Liability Release form.
  • Local Groups do have the option of being "On Call," and we will contact you when we have big jobs arise that will require many hands or specific skills.
  • We welcome groups of kids and teens as well! However, we do require a ratio of 1 of your own leaders to every 5 kids/teens that you bring.

Can I feed the horses?


Our horses are on a strict diet to maintain their health and well-being. Please refrain from feeding the horses anything, including treats, without the approval and supervision of one of our HSYR Equine Professionals!

Can I participate in a session?


Any child between the ages of 6-18 years old is welcome to participate in a session! The session is free of cost, the only requirement is a WILL to participate! Adults are welcome to watch their children, or even join in by becoming a volunteer!

Can I watch my child ride?


Parents, guardians, and caretakers are required to stay on-site during their child's session. You are more than welcome to relax and read a book (check out our library!) enjoy the scenery, or take pictures. However, we do ask that you watch from a distance in order to maintain the one-on-one mentorship with your child. Any child not participating in the session must remain under adult supervision at all times.

What should I bring/wear?


Helmets and closed toed shoes are required for all horse activities. Helmets can be provided by the ranch. Long pants are strongly recommended. Water bottles and sunscreen are recommended.

How much do sessions cost?


Thanks to our wonderful donors and volunteers, our sessions remain absolutely free to the participants and their families. Please consider helping us by partnering with us financially. If you are interested in regular riding lessons, we are happy to provide referrals.

Can I board my horse at Hidden Springs?


Our mission to mentor children, re-purpose horses, restore hope, and grow faith is our top priority here at Hidden Springs. We do have a limited amount of boarding stalls available to individuals whose horse or situation fits within our mission guidelines. If you would like more information on boarding with us, please contact us at

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