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Our story begins with love, loss, and an unexpected ending...

It all began with a man named Mark, a woman named Pam, and a horse named Ralph.

The First Horse

From World-Class Cutter to Priceless Therapy Horse

Ralph was a gift from Mark to Pam during their courting days back in 2009. With intentions of taking the Cutting World by storm, Pam & Ralph had a bright future ahead. Then, tragically, Ralph suffered a debilitating injury that ended his dreams of cutting. Thanks to Mark, Pam, and whisper from God, Ralph's life wasn't over.

In fact, it was just beginning...

The Ranch

Born out of a desire to see hope restored in the lives of both children and horses, Hidden Springs Youth Ranch emerged as a safe place for any child.

It became a place of rebirth. Where hope, faith, and love collided to create a new beginning for all who set foot on the ranch.

The Vision

Our vision is to give every child who has the desire to come out to the ranch the opportunity to do so.


This vision comes alive when you choose to donate your time or money to help children and horses experience the love of Christ.

Ralph's life changed when he became our first therapy horse. Ranging from a blank canvas to warm shoulder to cry on all because of Pam & Mark's willingness to step out in faith.

Since 2016, over 700 children and 15 horses have been recipients of that call to "Unbridle Hope."

Will you join us?

The Mission

Hidden Springs Youth Ranch exists to mentor the child, re-purpose the horse, restore hope, and grow faith.

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