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Financial Donations

You have the opportunity to change someone's world...

Thanks to your generosity, Hidden Springs Youth Ranch remains a free gift to our local community. Children and families who participate in our sessions do so at not cost to them. Monthly sponsorships keep the barn lights on and the horses fed. Your gift enables us to continue serving kids and families as well as fulfill our vision of restoring hope and growing faith in our community. It is an honor to have you partnering alongside us!

Grow Faith

Your gift of $25 a month gives one child the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus and horses through our weekly sessions. Volunteers work hard to pair kids with an activity or horse that will encourage them forward toward hope and growing their faith.

Restore Hope

A gift of $50 a month will help fund an entire family's visit so they can experience the ranch and spend time together. We never charge participants for any of our programs. We are blessed to be able to do so by your contributions!

All monetary gifts, unless designated otherwise by the giver, are allocated to our general operating fund. This fund is used to pay for program expenses, horse care, ranch maintenance, and security.

Hidden Springs Youth Ranch is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization and as such, your donations may be tax deductible.

Re-Purpose Horses

You have an opportunity to sponsor one of our amazing Equine Partners! Your gift of $100 a month helps provide feed, farrier services, and vet care for the horse. With your sponsorship, you'll receive a post card with your horse's picture and quarterly email updates on your horse!

Mentor Children

Your gift of $200 a month significantly impacts the life of a child right here in your community. It helps fund the entire program, including providing sessions for kids, taking care of the horses, and maintaining the wonderful grounds where the kids fish and play.

Make a one-time donation to help a child or horse in need.

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