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Our Session Program

Each session is part of interactive, one-on-one, Christ-centered mentorship program. Kids are taught the value of trust, hope, family, and faith using an individually matched equine counselor and volunteer mentor. We strive to meet the needs of the child by matching them with a leader who shares similar life experiences or challenges.


The unique thing about Hidden Springs Youth Ranch, is that it is available to any child or young adult. The only requirement is that they WANT to participate. A willingness and desire to try are the first steps toward healing and restoration.


Children may come as they are; our horses do not judge, nor will our volunteers. Like our human participants, the horses of Hidden Springs Youth Ranch come from various backgrounds.  Each equine counselor has its own story of adversity, courage, restoration, and purpose.


Some of the session activities include grooming/ working with/riding horses, fishing, games, chores, woodworking, crafts, etc.  All activities are designed to create a safe and loving environment to mentor the child and encourage the family.


Please Note: We have a limited amount of space for each session. We require a 24-hour notice if you can't make your session to allow another child to have the opportunity to experience the ranch. 


SIOBHAN, volunteer

It's easy to think you're coming out here just to change their world... But before long, you realize it's changed yours too.

PARKER, participant

There's no place I'd rather be.

JESSICA, parent

I love finding opportunities for them to practice trusting other adults and have meaningful experiences, and this was such a perfect pairing of those.

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