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Our Herd

Ralph (2) (1).jpg


Once a handsome, athletic, successful reined cow horse competitor, Ralph is the first of our Equine Counselors. Ralph's career as a strong cow horse contender ended when he fractured a bone in his left front foot.


He is comfortable, rehabilitated, still handsome, gentle, photogenic, and a willing participant in the mentoring program.

Oliver (1).jpg


Oliver was just recently brought in a few months ago when his owners decided they couldn't give him the attention he deserves and they wanted a better home for him.


Oliver is HUGE! He is approximately 16.3 hands high which means to his withers he is 5 ft 7. That's not even including his total height! This gentle giant shows us that you should never judge anyone based on their appearance. His size makes him intimidating but he is one of the kindest animals we have at the ranch.


In his former life, he was a show horse and competed in competitive jumping. We are so excited to utilize Oliver's strengths at the youth ranch!

imagejpeg_0 (12).jpg




Meet Stoli! This big guy is quickly becoming a session favorite. His gentle nature and demeanor have kids lined up to meet him.


Stoli is a Quarter Horse that had a fantastic, fast-paced career as a barrel racing horse. After lameness issues started to occur, he wasn’t able to compete any longer. His owner wanted him to have a home where he would receive lots of love and attention.


HSYR is blessed to be that new home for Stoli. We look forward to giving him a well-deserved and relaxed new life!


Cow Pony


This tenderhearted gelding once lived a rich life before coming to Hidden Springs. A young rodeo competitor who loved him very much was awarded a scholarship to compete at the college level of rodeo. Cow Pony was not big and strong enough to handle the rigors of life on the college rodeo trail so he found a new home at HSYR.  


Cow Pony is our own type of rodeo star. He is willing, kind, gentle, and very patient with young, aspiring rodeo contestants or anyone with whom he comes in contact.





Vegas is a good ole boy coming to us from the Concan area where he led many trail rides for kids and adults alike. Vegas loves his new life and especially loves a good brushing and all the love he gets from the visitors at Hidden Springs.


When Vegas first arrived at Hidden Springs, he had a "little attitude" problem. But, we are happy to report that we have worked on that; and through some guidance and lots of love, he has mellowed!

He is happy to serve and looks forward to weekends with the kids!

Missy (3).jpg


Missy came to us from owners who participated in cutting horse competitions. They no longer had a need for Missy and thought she was a perfect fit for the kids at Hidden Springs Youth Ranch.


Missy has been such a blessing to the kids that are a little more experienced with horses; she is very well trained. She is quickly becoming a favorite of everyone at the ranch!


Missy's full name is Misstery Acre and she is a registered Quarter Horse. She has a couple of foals that are actively competing in the show ring.



Mocha (a.k.a. Night Train) comes to us from an owner who loved him but could no longer handle the physical demands of caring for him. Originally from a working ranch and part of a larger herd, Mocha began deteriorating and losing weight. Upon further investigation, the ranch owner realized that he was being bullied by the other horses.


Being the kind, gentle giant that he is, he stood back and let the other horses eat, only to have what was leftover.  Thin and weak, he was removed from the herd and sold to a person that could no longer care for him and happily donated him to the program.He is sweet, gentle, energetic, and looks forward to his meals and meeting new friends!

imagejpeg_0 (11).jpg


Hallie-Loo-Lah aka 'Hallie" had an exceptional competitive hunter-jumper career. She is a Welsh Cob/Sport Horse that stands 16 3/4 hands tall! For “non-horse people,” that's about 66 inches from floor to withers (above the shoulders).


The physical demands of high jumps and the challenges of high-level competitions eventually led to an injury. Her owners didn't want to sell her and thought that Hidden Springs would be a great place for her to heal and start a second life!


We are thrilled to have Hallie join us at the ranch and invite you to meet her soon!



Jaycee is a bay quarter horse and is already making friends with the pack. Please join us in giving her a warm welcome and make sure you say "hi!" next time you visit!

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